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Invited Lectures


  • M.C. Lemme, GrapChina, Qingdao, China, October 28-30, 2015.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene and 2D Materials for Optoelectronics”, CMOS Emerging Technologies, Vancouver, Canada, May 2015. (could not attend)
  • A. Bablich, M.C. Lemme, “Carbon-based devices for “More than Moore””, International Workshop on 2D Materials and Devices, Grenoble, France, April 27, 2015.
  • M.C. Lemme, “2D Materials for 3D Devices”, NSF – EU Workshop on 2D Layered Materials and Devices, April 22-24, Arlington, VA, USA, 2015.
  • V. Passi, A. Gahoi, S. Riazimehr, S. Wagner, A. Bablich, S. Kataria, M.C. Lemme, “CVD grown Graphene for Opto-Electronic Applications”, NATO ARW "Functional nanomaterials and devices", Lviv, Ukraine, April 13-16, 2015.
  • M.C. Lemme, “High Sensitivity of Graphene-based Sensors – Opportunities and Limitations”, Graphene 2015, Bilbao, Spain, March 09-13, 2015.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene and Related Two-­‐Dimensional Materials – Future Device Options for More Than Moore Applications”, Colloque MINOS 2015, Grenoble, France, March 16-18, 2015.


  • M.C. Lemme (Keynote), “Graphene in Nanoelectronics . it’s not all about mobility”, Trends in Nanotechnology, TNT, Barcelona, Spain, October 27-31, 2014.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Beyond-CMOS for advanced More Moore and More than Moore applications”, ESSDERC SINANO Workshop, September 26, Venice, Italy, 2014.
  • M.C. Lemme (Plenary), “Graphene and related Two-Dimensional Materials: a Toolkit for Future Electronics Applications?”, Italian Meeting on Electromagnetics (XX RiNEm), Padova, Italy, September 15-18, 2014
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene Nanoelectronic Devices: It’s not all about Mobility”, Carbonhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 21-22, 2014
  • M.C. Lemme, “CVD Graphene for Integrated Devices”, E-MRS, Lille, France, May 26-30, 2014.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Piezoresistive Graphene NEMS Sensors”, SPIE Meeting, Baltimore, USA, May 5-9, 2014.
  • S. Vaziri, A.D. Smith, G. Lupina, M.C. Lemme, M. Ostling, "PDMS-supported graphene transfer using intermediary polymer layers," Solid State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), 2014 44th European , vol., no., pp.309-312, 22-26 Sept. 2014
    doi: 10.1109/ESSDERC.2014.6948822


  • M.C. Lemme, “Integrated Graphene Devices”, Emerging Research Materials, Graphene and 2D, Semicon Europa, Dresden, October 8-10, 2013.
  • M.C. Lemme, A.D. Smith, S. Vaziri, M. Ostling, “Graphene Devices for More Than Moore Applications”, E-MRS, Warsaw, September 16-19, 2013.
  • M.C. Lemme, “2D-Materials: Enabler of Low Power Devices!“, ESSDERC Workshop, Romania, September 20, 2013.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene Electronic Devices“, ESSDERC Tutorial, Bucharest, Romania, September 16, 2013.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene: More-than-Moore Applications in Microelectronics”, CMOS Emerging Technologies, Whistler, Canada, July 2013.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Applications of Graphene in Nanoelectronics“, INFOS Workshop, Krakow, Poland, June 2013.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene Device Options for Microelectronics Applications”, International Winterschool 
on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, Kirchberg, Austria, March 2-9, 2013.
  • S. Vaziri, G. Lupina, A. D. Smith, J. Dabrowski, G. Lippert, W. Mehr, M. Östling, M. C. Lemme " Graphene base hot electron transistors with high on/off current ratios," in Device Research Conference (DRC), 2013 71th Annual, 2013, pp. 39-40
  • S. Vaziri, G. Lupina, C. Henkel, A. D. Smith, J. Dabrowski, G. Lippert, W. Mehr, M. Östling, M. C. Lemme " DC Performance of Hot Electron Transistors with a Graphene Base Electrode," in European Materials Research Society (EMRS), 2013 Strasbourg


  • M.C. Lemme, “Si-compatible Device and Process Options for Graphene”, E-MRS Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, May 14-18, 2012.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Performance Analysis of Graphene RF Transistors”, ECS Meeting, Seattle, USA, May 6-10, 2012.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Graphene, from physics to future applications”, Tutorial on More Moore Future Technologies, ULIS Conference, Grenoble, France, March 5, 2012.
  • M.C. Lemme, “Potential Applications for Graphene Devices in Nanoelectronics”, Nano Spain 2012, Santander, Spain, February 29, 2012.

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